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Dried flowers : decoration ideas from the black fox

Servanne Herbreteau

After many years on the shelf, dried flowers are experiencing a real renaissance. Traditionally arranged in bouquets, there are actually a wide variety of original and beautiful designs that are relatively easy to make yourself (with a little bit of patience).

The best varieties 

Although all flowers can be dried, some varieties are more suitable for floral arrangements, as they are more likely to last. Additionally, some flowers tend to fade, so the result will be less aesthetically pleasing. Blackfox has put together a non-exhaustive list of flowers for creating beautiful dried flower arrangements:

Compo fleurs séchées

1- Eucalyptus

2- Strawflowers

3- Sea lavender 

4- Baby's breath

5- Honesty 

6- Thistles

7- Poppies

8-Cotton flowers 

9- Physalis 


11- Craspedia

12- 1.      Lavender

To jazz up your bouquet, you can introduce other plants such as wheat and hare's tail grass, not to mention the famous pampas grass. And to make a truly original arrangement, why not add some fruit or vegetables? Slices of citrus fruit or small artichokes also look very nice when they are dried. 

How to dry your flowers 

Drying flowers is fun and pretty easy. You just need a little patience to achieve your desired result. To get started, you can pick some pretty flowers in the garden or on a walk in the countryside. However, it is best to pick your flowers when the weather is dry—at the end of a sunny morning, for example—as the morning dew will have evaporated and the buds will have opened nicely. Alternatively, if you've been given a bouquet and it is starting to wilt, don't throw it away; keep the flowers to add to your arrangement.

1 - When you have enough flowers to make a bouquet, you need to separate each blossom.

2- Now it's time to sort and clean the flowers: get rid of any flowers that are too damaged and remove the useless lower leaves from the remaining stems. 

3- Once each flower has been cleaned, gather 5 to 6 of the same variety to make a bunch. Then tie each bunch with string. 

4- The drying process consists of stripping the flowers of water. You therefore need to hang the flowers upside down in a dry, dark and well-ventilated place (an attic is ideal). 

5- Wait 2 to 3 weeks until each stem has been drained of all its water and is completely dry.

6- When the flowers are dry, unhook the bunches and remove the string so that you can spread out all the blossoms on a work surface.

7- Finally, arrange your bouquet by intertwining the stems, alternating between the different varieties to create a harmonious and colourful bouquet. 

8- When the bouquet is finished, tie the flowers together with about 20 cm of raffia or string (avoid ribbon, as it tends to slip off), wrapping it around the bouquet multiple times. Make sure to tie the knot tightly to hold the bouquet in place. 

9- To finish, cut the ends of the stems to achieve an even result that fits your vase. 

To finish, cut the ends of the stems to achieve an even result that fits your vase. 

  • Place the flowers away from windows and out of daylight to keep the colours vibrant for as long as possible.
  • Dried flowers are pretty, but they can be a real dust magnet. To fight the dust and maintain your bouquet, try giving it a once-over with your hairdryer.
  • Build your bouquet in front of a mirror so that you can see the back of the arrangement without having to turn it round.  

More ideas from Blackfox:

Not only are dried flowers an aesthetically pleasing way to bring a splash of colour into your home, they also have a much longer lifespan than a bouquet of fresh flowers. You're giving nature a second life AND bringing a poetic and boho vibe to your interior design!  If you want to really dive into the world of dried flowers, going beyond classic bouquets, the black fox has put together a selection of original and romantic ideas:

Flower wreaths : DIY dried flower wreath

Compo couronne fleurs

Floral candles:  DIY floral candle

bougie végétale compo

Floral letters :  DIY floral letter

Lettre fleurie

DIY floral letter : DIY dried flower cloche 

cloche fleurs

Floral frames :  DIY floral frame 

cadre fleur séchées

Dried flower wall hangings : Our inspiration

suspension fleurs séchées

As you can see, the dried flower trend is flourishing on social media and blossoming in our homes. If, like the black fox, you have fallen in love with these rustic and poetic creations, you have a whole range of ideas for making pretty floral souvenirs at your fingertips. 

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