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Cleaning gloves

While gloves provide good protection for your hands during your gardening and DIY sessions, other activities such as home maintenance also require special protection. To handle cleaning products, paints andstrippers without damaging your hands, there is a specific category of gloves designed to be waterproof and resistant, including gloves certified to meet certain chemical and bacteriological risk standards (EN374). Blackfox offers a range of maintenance gloves for all types of work, protecting you from all dirt and hazards for the skin.

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Blackfox cleaning gloves

We offer quality cleaning gloves. The gloves we offer protect you from products that can attack your skin in one way or another during your various maintenance tasks. Our gloves are distinguished by the quality of the materials we use in their manufacture and by the elegant design we bring to them. We also offer our products at competitive prices.

The design of our cleaning gloves

Our gloves are designed to fit your hands perfectly. Thin and strong, they will give you pleasure and keep you cheerful while you are cleaning or gardening. Blackfox cleaning gloves are practical, designed to fit your hands. Our gloves, with their elasticated cuffs, are also easy to put on.

The materials we use for our cleaning gloves

Blackfox cleaning gloves can be used for gardening or cleaning. That's why we have designed them to be resistant and waterproof. To perform all these functions, they must be designed with materials that have all these properties. Blackfox uses the best materials including rubber (natural or synthetic) for these gloves.

Which cleaning glove should I choose?

We offer a wide range of gloves of all types, shapes and uses. Our cleaning gloves are mainly made of latex. Your choice will depend on what type of maintenance you plan to perform and how often you will be doing it. For example, synthetic rubber gloves are suitable for medium-sized maintenance tasks. For activities that require more energy, rubber gloves are more suitable.

Synthetic rubber cleaning gloves

 This wrinkle-free material is also resistant to water, chlorine and bacteria. We want our gloves to have a soft, silky feel. Resistance to heat also seems to us to be useful, allowing you to garden as you wish. So the cleaning gloves we make of this material are designed to take on these qualities. You will certainly appreciate our Phyto gloves, which are available in several sizes. 

Blackfox natural rubber cleaning gloves

Rubber is a flexible material with good adhesion. Our cleaning gloves made of this material are strong and flexible. They are impervious to all liquids and some are even impervious to chemicals. They are useful for washing and cleaning. The Lavage glove is a good example of this. You can also opt for our Decap glove with its long, protective cuff, perfect for stripping or painting.

Care of cleaning gloves

Maintenance gloves must also be maintained themselves. You can follow our tips for better maintenance.

Tip N° 1

Spray your dirty gloves with a solution of water and white vinegar in equal amounts. Then wipe them with a clean cloth and leave to dry.

Tip N° 2

You can also wash your cleaning gloves with soap and water. When drying, avoid exposing them to a significant source of heat.

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