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Men's boots

With full coverage from toe to knee, these boots offer the highest level of protection in the Blackfox range and are suitable for a wide variety of uses, from gardening to walking. Got a vegetable garden to dig? A bug hotel to build? A little rain to deal with? Choose our comfortable and versatile men's boots. In line with the Blackfox brand philosophy, our men's boots are available in on-trend colours, as well as more timeless ones. Made of natural or synthetic rubber or aplastic material, Blackfox boots are comfortable and waterproof. So be kind to your feet, and choose your favourite model now!

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Wellington CHAUME
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Boot Durance
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Boot Fox
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Half boots
Winterboot Cheyennetoo
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Half-boot FOURREE
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Half-boot MIDLAND
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Men's boots designed in the Blackfox workshops

Our design teams have created waterproof boots for men with a timeless look and feel. Practical and stylish, our men's boots are suitable for both country and city conditions...

Boots for all activities

Designed for outdoor use, all our garden boots are waterproof, so you can enjoy the benefits of nature even in the rain, in wet grass or in the mud!

Original and comfortable men's boots, suitable for leisure gardening as well as for walks in the countryside. Whether it's digging over the vegetable garden, taking an impromptu walk in the local forest or birdwatching with the kids, your time in the fresh air will be all the more enjoyable with well-shod feet!

Comfort is a top priority for our men's boots

We have created men's knee-high boots and men's mid-calf boots to combine protection and ease of fit. It's up to you to choose the level of protection you need according to the conditions! Long rain boots for walking in wet grass, like the Dakota, or mid-length boots like our Midland half-boots are perfect for slipping on quickly in milder conditions. The different lengths of these boots also adapt to your leg shape.

The choice of material is yours in our range of men's boots

PVC, a strong, durable and waterproof material, is used in most of our range of men's boots. The principal material in our Dakota boots is natural rubber, which makes this model very supple and comfortable. The plastic (PVC) is durable and abrasion-resistant. It is also effortless to maintain. In recent years, we have incorporated innovative materials into the composition of our garden boots, such as our Happy boots, which are made from SEBS synthetic rubber, a material that is chlorine-free, phthalate-free and lighter than natural rubber.

As for looking after them, our men's garden boots can be maintained in a jiffy. Some precautions are necessary, especially for natural rubber, and we tell you all about that on the product pages, in the Maintenance section!

What if you're looking for your ideal pair of boots?

All you have to do is find your shoe size. If you are unsure, you can use the pedimeter we provide to help you find your exact shoe size. And on each page, for each shoe model, we tell you which size to choose according to your result... It's a great way to find the right fit!

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