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DIY boots

Did you know that DIY has become one of Europe's favourite occupations? This is also the case for gardening and walking. And with good reason! What could be more rewarding than making things, building and maintaining your own home!

Whether you're a Sunday DIYer (or even the rest of the week!), Blackfox will take care of all your needs so you can enjoy your favourite hobbies in complete safety!

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Blackfox DIY boots

Blackfox presents a wide range of special boots for do-it-yourselfers that will delight men and women alike.

The design of our DIY boots

Blackfox DIY boots have a very attractive design. The boots are designed to make the best possible use of the material. The shape of these boots combines functionality and aesthetics.

The materials used for our DIY boots

The materials used in the manufacture of DIY boots must be chosen with care. Blackfox has taken many criteria into account in choosing materials suitable for DIY. We have boots made of predominantly natural rubber, very flexible and insulating. We also have an extensive catalogue of PVC boots.

Which DIY boots should you choose?

Choosing the right DIY boot comes down to deciding on the material it is made of. You must choose a material that is suitable for the task at hand. The boots must be both strong and flexible. Here are some of the best DIY enthusiasts' boots available from Blackfox.

PVC DIY boots

PVC is a material known for its strength and durability. Among the best PVC DIY boots, we offer you the timeless but practical Peronne boot. This pair of boots combines flexibility and robustness. They are highly effective against abrasion and tearing. You can use them for gardening as well as for DIY work outside, for example.

Rubber boots for DIY

Rubber is known for its excellent insulating qualities. Blackfox's predominantly natural rubber boots have all the qualities required to allow you to work with peace of mind and efficiency. Among our many boots made of predominantly natural rubber, we offer you this very nice pair of Dakota boots. This pair, made mainly of natural rubber, will be useful during your DIY work. The beautiful design also makes this pair excellent for more playful wear.

Maintenance of DIY boots

You should look after your DIY boots carefully. Precautions should be taken to ensure the long life of the boot and not to alter its quality. Some methods are, therefore, more appropriate for caring for your DIY boots.

Maintenance tip n° 1

To clean your DIY boots, you can use soap and water. They should be scrubbed well with a brush to remove all debris. After washing, let them dry well and make sure they are no longer damp. It is also important to keep them away from heat.

Maintenance tip n° 2

When cleaning your boots, check that there are no objects embedded in your boots on either side. You must also make sure that there are no holes in them. Making sure they are in good condition before and after use can extend their life and maintain their quality.

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